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2D and 3D digitization in the Allplan program

The strength of Allplan Architecture lies in its high reliability and precision across all planning phases, in particular in the area of quantity takeoff. In partnership with Allplan Design2Cost (Cost Planning), Allplan Engineering (Engineering) and Allplan Allfa (Facility Management), Allplan offers integrated solutions for construction. BIM platform BIM platform bim + from the Allplan platform enables central storage, visualization and coordination of the model.

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How D-plan works?

Your service partner for all digitization issues. You can expect effective capacity, specialized professional knowledge, and quality, safe and fast service. D-Plan is performing digitalization with Allplan program, converts all paper drawings into 2D and 3D digital files.

2D and 3D digitization

What are we proud of?

With our quality, we have won the leading position in our business.
We are reliable partner for numerous leading construction and architectural companies.
We take our business seriously and have professional approach.


The new standard in the field of cooperation gives optimal results. Through joint analyses, redefine project plans and processes.



Structural recording of any type, with the latest technology as the properties are shown.



We set a line of shots in a modern features, tailored to the customer’s request – so each plan is unique.



Modern Cloud solutions provide access to constantly updated documents, with advanced technology and qualified staff.

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Our team also helps the user to get answers to questions in everyday business with local support (coaching) or online support.

We carefully selected the team members. Everyone met the standards in the technical sense, and together we decided that we could work together. The result is that we are all motivated to work on new technologies and overcome the obstacles and we realized what it means teamwork.
Due to the philosophy and understanding of the work in our company, we are very successful in communicating with clients and partners from different countries, as well as in creating joint teams.

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Owner of the company

Phone: +49-171-2262-509

E-Mail: d.rojban@d-plan.eu

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David Rojban




General director

Phone: +381-63-812-46-78

E-Mail: office@d-plan.eu

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Mladen Todorović

Nemanja Todorović


Team Architects

Aleksandra Bajkovec D Plan Profesional

Aleksandra Bajkovec

Marko Uzelac D Plan Profesional

Marko Uzelac

Marija Copic D Plan Profesional

Marija Ćopić

Zlatko Karanovic D Plan Profesional

Zlatko Karanović

Ivan Simic D Plana Professional

Ivan Simić

Natasa Petkovic D Plan Profesional

Nataša Petković

Neda Markovski D Plan Profesional

Neda Markovski

Sonja Antic D Plan Profesional

Sonja Antić

Jelena Krstic D Plan Profesional

Jelena Krstić


Nataša Petrović

2D and 3D digitization