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We digitize your plans into the correct ALLPLAN files. ensuring quality, speed and precision.
2d-3d Floor plans digitalization, 3D Architectural Visualization, Lageplan


2d-3d Floor plans digitalization, 3D Architectural Visualization, Lageplan

  • D Plana Professional floor plans
  • D Plana Professional floor plans
  • D Plana Professional floor plans
  • D Plana Professional floor plans

Make sure of what we do, we become our client. We guarantee high quality and delivery of projects on time.

Service partner for 2d-3d Floor plansLageplan, 3D Architectural Visualization, D-Plan Professional.

D-Plan will have the understanding to hear all your needs. We are your service partner for all topics of digitization.
You can expect effective capacity, specialized professional knowledge, safe and fast service.

The motto of the man who founded the D-Plan is “keep up with time”. D-Plan has evolved very fast and has gained worldwide users.

Company’s current motto was “Digitalization is the Future”. Which encourage us to do with quality and to improve our work. We with right deserve the epithet of one of the world’s leading companies in this business.

From the very beginning D-Plan embarked on the optimization of business processes. By accelerating and providing access to drawings and documents in enterprises

We can boast a client base of over a thousand clients.
We digitize about a thousand floor plans a month, of basic drawing to a seamless file Allplan.

Most importantly to know. D-Plan performs digitization using program Allplan. Converts all paper drawings into 2D and 3D digital files.

We offer digitization with computer support, fastest and highest-quality paper conversion to Allplan.
Quality assurance and professional processing crossing over out the Allplan program. With the help of our design team.

Services are always based on our knowledge in digitization for 2D projects.
Floor plans digitalization, Lageplan, 3D Architectural Visualization in Allplan. Optimal services in digitization, construction and visualization.

Our mission in the course of the 21. century is to keep up with the time by expanding our partnership with new clien

We provide optimal services in digitization, data collection and visualization at affordable prices. We are very close to the goal. With You we can do it.
We always look for better ways to fulfill our task with even better results.

Director D Plana Professional David Rojban
D-Plana Professional

The introduction from the owner of the company.
Dear Future and Present Clients. Dear Business Partners.
D-Plan has been operating on the global market since 2012.
We use some of the best personnel. Whose qualification includes excellence combined with long practical experience. We were able to complete important projects in our history.

We have also gone through a series of organizational changes to improve our business. With this step the D-Plan strengthened its status. Not only on the domestic market, but also abroad.

Our primary goal is to meet our customers. Putting emphasis on the quality of our services.
For the production of projects, we use ALLPLAN program.
To fulfill our vision to be the leader in the global market in the field of digitization and development of. We continue to develop and improve ourselves. So that we can respond to all the tasks that clients place in front of us.
We are happy that D-Plan can provide you with better services.

Sincerely yours,

Engineering David Rojban
Company owner

We selected the team members. Everyone met the standards in a technical sense. We decided that we could work together. The result is that we are all motivated to work on new technologies and overcome the obstacles.

Due to the philosophy and understanding of the work in our company. We are very successful in communicating with clients and partners from different countries. as well as in creating joint teams.
D-Plana Professional
Floor plans digitalization D-Plan Professional



General director

Phone: +381-63-812-46-78

E-Mail: office@d-plan.eu

D-Plan Professional doo

Mladen Todorović

Financial director

Phone: +381-63-777-52-88

E-Mail: office@d-plan.eu

D-Plan Professional doo

Nemanja Todorović


Team Architects

Aleksandra Bajkovec D Plan Profesional

Aleksandra Bajkovec

Marko Uzelac D Plan Profesional

Marko Uzelac

Marija Copic D Plan Profesional

Marija Ćopić

Zlatko Karanovic D Plan Profesional

Zlatko Karanović

Ivan Simic D Plana Professional

Ivan Simić

Natasa Petkovic D Plan Profesional

Nataša Petković

Neda Markovski D Plan Profesional

Neda Markovski

Sonja Antic D Plan Profesional

Sonja Antić

Jelena Krstic D Plan Profesional

Jelena Krstić


Nataša Petrović