Company D-Plan also operates in the Serbian market

“Many world-famous companies have recognized the potential of Serbia and decided to settle business with her. For some of them, Serbia serves as a hub for production that allows duty-free exports to the market of almost 1 billion people. The other attracts the professional level of knowledge of English language in our country, a highly qualified manpower that is easily trained and a favorable tax and incentive environment. Regardless of the reason for their initial interest, companies that choose to start business or trade in Serbia meet with a reliable and dynamic country that gives them a much greater opportunity than they originally noticed.
For its 5 years of business in this country, D-Plan has managed to complete numerous projects in the 2d and 3d design of large residential units, buildings. It is a pleasure to do business in Serbia and we hope for even greater joint successes and cooperation with new clients. “

Thank you for your confidence.

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